July 2

1884: Immunity from cholera

Cleric Viglietti asked Don Bosco whether cholera would make its appearance in Turin. The saint answered in the affirmative, and suggested some means as a safeguard 1)The ejaculation, Mary Help of Christians, pray for us 2)The medal of Our Lady 3) Holy Communion Not one of the Salesian family was struck by the epidemic. (cfr. MB XVII, 229)

1885: Missionary dream

Don Bosco narrated to the members of the Council a great missionary dream of his. He dreamt that he was in front of a big mountain, on the top of which stood an angel with a fiery sword. He showed it to all the people around. Then appeared Luigi Colle (+ 3 April 1883) in the company of many angels and followed by salesians. Don Bosco and a few others were raised from the ground and they started a journey around the world. After meeting angel Arfaxad (China) and angel Cam (Africa), they made a round trip of the world: Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), San Paolo (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar, Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Sennaar, Ararat Mountain, Senegal, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Meaco (Japan), China, Australia, the islands of Diego Ramirez, Santiago (Chile)…( cfr. MB XVII, 643) NB: Fr. Lemoyne who thought he had misunderstood, wrote `Macao’ instead of `Meaco’. Cimatti wrote to Fr. Ricaldone on 8 March 1940 that Don Bosco was right and that Meaco was a town in Japan where the emperor resided.

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