July 18

1862: Bilocation

While Don Bosco was making a retreat at St. Ignatius, Lanzo, he assisted one of his boys at Chieri to die well. In fact, on Friday, July 18, while Don Bosco was still at St. Ignatius’, eighteen-year-old Bernard Casalegno of Chieri died a saintly death at home. That very day Don Bosco told some Oratory boys who were with him at the retreat house that he had been at Casalegno’s bedside at his last moments…After Don Bosco’s return, I (Bonetti) questioned the boys who had been on retreat with him and learned that he had told them of that death but a short while after it had occurred. (BM VII, 133)

1870: Dogma of Papal Infallibility

The dogma was promulgated on this day by the First Vatican Council. The prophecy of Don Bosco was being fulfilled. Other details of Don Bosco’s vision were now being fulfilled, or so it seems to us: “Worldly powers shall vomit fire, wishing to mother My words in the throats to the guardians of My law, but they will not succeed. They shall do much harm, but only io themselves.” (BM IX, 432)

1876: Death of Fr. Joseph Glulitto

He died at Borgo San Martino (Italy). In a dream on 6 December 1876, Don Bosco saw him in the company of Dominic Savio and others. …I saw an endless multitude of boysapproaching me. Many i recognized as having been at the Oratory and in our other schools, but by far the majority of them were total strangers to me. Their endless ranks drew closer, headed by Dominic Savio, who was followed immediately by Father Alasonatti, Father Chiala, Father Giulitto and many, many other clerics and priests, each leading a squad of boys. (BM XII. 433)

1884: Fostering vocations

During a meeting of the General Council, Don Bosco said: “Lack of material means should never be a reason for refusing a priestly vocation.” (cfr. MB xvii, 366) 

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