July 17

1877: Arrival 12 days later

Archbishop Aneyros and his retinue were in Turin and they were anticipating the joy of their arrival home. Don Bosco listened to them and exhorted them to have patience and be prepared for a later arrival in Argentina: With his usual calm he exhorted them not to be so anxious, but to dispose themselves to patience, since only on such and such a day would they safely reach Buenos Aires. He gave them the exact date, which added twelve days to the time normally required for the crossing between Marseille and Buenos Aires…They arrived at Buenos Aires on Friday, August 24, octave of the feast of the Assumption, the exact date predicted by Don Bosco. (AM mil, 118)

1885: Oratory also for girls

In a dream Don Bosco took a walk in the company of his mother (+25 November 1856) and his brother Joseph (+December 12, 1862). They meet a group of girls who begged them to open an Oratory also for them. (cfr. MB XVII, 486)

1921: Miraculous cure

Theresa Callegari of Castel St. John (Italy) was cured miraculously through the intercession of Don Bosco. The saint appeared to her and told her she could get up from bed. This was the second miracle for the beatification of Don Bosco (the first was on 29 July,1906). (cfr.MB XIX, 89)

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