July 15

1885: Tricks of Divine Providence

In the presence of Card. Alimonda, archbishop of Turin, Don Bosco received a credit bill for 30,000 lire. The letter he opened next contained the exact amount needed. (cfr. MB XVII, 484)

1886: Future of the cooperators

Addressing the priests who had come to the Oratory to honour him on his name-feast Don Bosco said: “The Association of Salesian Cooperators…will spread to all countries through the whole Christian world. The day will come when the name Cooperator will signify a true Christian…The Cooperators will be the ones who will help promote the spirit of Catholicism. The more the Holy see is attacked the more the Cooperators shall exalt it; the more widespread the growth of disbelief, the higher shall the Cooperators raise aloft their flaming torch of active faith.” (BM XI, 63)

1906: In the footsteps of the Father

Extraordinary events took place in the boarding-school of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians at Giaveno: – multiplication of the consecrated hosts – a student was miraculously cured by Father Rua – After a second cure when the doctor’s certificate was asked for, he replied: “When the sick die, it is our fault, and if they get all right, it is the Madonna who has done everything!” and refused the certificate. (DR. III. 243)

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