July 14

1960: Seven hours of waiting

Don Bosco arrived at the appointed time at the Ministry of the Interior. He came to ask for an explanation for the house-search of 26 May and 9 June. Spaventa, the secretary, kept Don Bosco waiting forseven hours. The saint was accompanied first by cleric Cagliero, and later by Father Angelo Savio, who had come to relieve Cagliero for lunch. Finally Spaventa received Don Bosco very coldly, but a few resolute questions from the saint made the secretary change his attitude towards him. Spaventa promised to arrange an audience with Farini, Minister of the Interior. (cfr. BM VI, 381ff)

1891: Death of lluzzetti Buzzetti

and his brother Charles had been among the first boys to attend Don Bosco’s festive Oratory before it acquired permanent quarters. In 1849 Don Bosco persuaded Joseph to study Latin and prepare for the priesthood. He donned the clerical habit in 1852 (Feb.2) at the age of twenty. Unfortunately, the loss of his left finger shortly afterward disqualified him from priestly ordination. He remained with Don Bosco and greatly helped him in many tasks. In 1877 he took his vows in the salesian society as a coadjutor brother. He died at Lanzo in 1891. (BM XIII, 421-footnote)

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