July 13

1845: Cabbages grow better when transplanted

On July 13, 1845….the boys heard Mass for the last time in their first chapel of St.Francis de Sales. When it was over, Don Bosco told them the sad news that they would have to move again. For a moment the boys were upset and depressed, because they had grown fond of the place as though it were their own. But he reassured them, cheered them up, and then invited them all to return in the afternoon to help carry the chapel furnishings and games to their new quarters. They all came… they went to set up their new headquarters at the Dora Mills… After reaching their destination and depositing everything in the room which Don Bosco had rented, they crowded into the church…Don Bosco gave the following talk to the huge crowd of boys: “My dear boys, cabbages grow bigger and better when they are transplanted, and so it is with our oratory… wherever it has gone, it has thrived and our numbers have rapidly increased. Our stay at the Rifiigio was fruitful. As before at St.Francis of Assisi Church, you continued to frequent confession and Communion, you received spiritual and material assistance, catechism lessons and sermons, games and past times… So let us not be downhearted, or doubt for a single moment that our oratory will prosper in the future.” (BM II, 237-239 passim)

1885: Divine Providence

Don Bosco was urgently in need of money to pay a big debt. In the nick of time when the payment could not be postponed further, he received an envelope with a note of 1000 lire. (cfr. MB XVII, 485)

1911: The Church of Our Lady made a Basilica

By a Pontifical Bull the sanctuary of Our Lady in Turin was erected into a Basilica. (cfr. CDB, 266)

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