July 12

1852: Generosity

The drawing of the first lottery Don Bosco organized in aid of the church of St.Francis of Sales (blessed on 20 June 1852) took place this day. Though it cost him a great deal of toil, generouly shared the proceeds with Cottolengo Hospital directed by Canon Louis Anglesio. (cfr.BMIV, 324-325)

1959: Death of Gerard VaIdizan

Gerard, a 9-year old boy martyr of purity died in the city of Guatemala on 12 July 1959. The day before his death he was playing with his friends. A big boy approached him and enticed him home. There, little Gerard resisted strongly the evil insinuations of his tempter. Hence in a rage of anger he hit him with an axe and Gerard lost his eye and three fingers in trying to defend himself. He was badly wounded. All efforts to save his life were of no avail and he died the following day. He was a pupil of the Salesian Sisters and of the Salesians. He made the sacrifice of his life with full awareness. Infact one day he had told his mother: “Mummy, I want to be like Dominic Savio, I prefer to die, rather than commit a sin.” (cfr.”Boll. Sal.” 1960, p.322)

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