January 9

1862:Warning from Our Lady

Instead of being with the community at night prayers, three boys went to the dormitory and indulged in questionable.conversation. A ball of fire came through a closed window and remained over the boys’ head and lit up the whole dormitory. Father Rua, Father Savio and Cleric Provera witnessed the same scene from outside. On 12th, Don Bosco explained the meaning of the phenomenon: “These past few days this globe of light has been the topic of much talk. Several ask, ‘what could it be?’ Perhaps the soul of Mariano in need of our prayers?…Listen, here at the Oratory we have several individuals who stubbornly resist God’s grace and call on themselves His wrath and the threat of dire punishment. The Blessed Virgin, who has always protected this house, visibly held back these punishments, as we have just seen, and mercifully warned those hardened individuals…” (BM , 28-29)

1864:Death of Francis Besucco

He entered the Oratory on August 2, 1864 and died five months and seven days later as foretold by Don Bosco, on 29 December 1863. A few days after his arrival at the Oratory he told the saint: “All my schoolmates are very good, and I want to he like them, but I don’t know how. Will you help me?” I ll do all I can. Here are three tips to help you become really good.” “What are they?” “Cheerfulness, study, and piety. They will make you happy and will benefit your soul.” (BM VII, 296) At the moment of his death he had only one regret: You can’t imagine how much I regret that I have not loved God as He deserves.” (BM VII, 360) Towards the end of June 1864 Don Bosco wrote a brief life of Besucco entitled: The Little Shepherd of the AIps. The booklet’s frontispiece carried the boy’s picture with his last wards: “I die with the regret that I have not loved God as He deserves.” (cfr BM VII, 413)

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