January 30

1874: Indefatigable worker

Regarding Don Bosco, L’Osservatore Romano wrote as follows: “He is a living miracle of charity and humility…an indefatigable worker in the vineyard of the Lord.” (BM X, 525; No. 1352)

1880: Miraculous cure

In the convent of the Visitation nuns at Marseille, Don Bosco visited Miss Perier who was bed-ridden with cancer. “Why don’t you ask for permission to get up? Come rise.” (said Don Bosco). “She cannot”, the superior softly whispered. “She has terminal cancer.” “Get up at noon”, Don Bosco continued, “and have dinner with the others.”
He blessed her and left. No sooner had he left the room than the sick girl began to say, “I no longer feel any pain. I am cured and I want to get up. Please, give me my clothes.” In fact, her malignant tumor had vanished…Later, Mademoiselle Perier became a Daughter of Mary, Help of Christians, and lived until 1886 when she died in the mother house at Nizza Monferrato. (BM XIV, 316-317)

1880: Don Bosco proud?

Don Bosco asked the mother superior of the Visitation nuns to get the doctor to confirm the miraculous cure obtained after his blessing (cfr. above). A practising catholic, the doctor took offence at the request and insisted on asking Don Bosco for an explanation. He even remarked, “Isn’t humility one of Don Bosco’s virtues? Doesn’t this request smack of vainglory? Is he trying to take advantage of this recovery for his own purpose?” The doctor was introduced to the saint. No one knows what went on between them, but when an hour later Father Bologna pushed the door ajar to tell Don Bosco that the people waiting outside were growing impatient, he saw that the doctor was on his knees in tears, his hands clasped as in prayer, and Don Bosco was in the act of blessing him. When the doctor emerged from the room, he told Father Bologna, “No, it is not for himself. Not at all ! It’s for the sake of others and for Our Lady’s glory!” (BM XIV, 317)

1883: No audience for Don Bosco

Before undertaking a long journey to France, Don Bosco wanted to greet Mgr. Gastaldi, archbishop of Turin and get his blessing. But the latter did not grant him an audience and the saint remarked: “The archbishop does not want to receive me, while I am looking for him, soon he will be looking for me and I will be absent.” (MB XV, 31)

1886: Bilocation

While he was at Turin , during the night of January 30, Don Bosco appeared to Father Branda, Rector of the house of Sarria (Spain). The latter heard clearly the voice of the saint saying, “Don Branda, get up and follow me!” Fr. Branda woke up, but thinking that it was a dream continued to sleep. On February 6, the saint appeared to him a second time. (cfr. MB XVIII, 34)

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