January 29

1864: Death foretold

Then, on January 29, he disclosed to the Oratory infirmarian the names and) the time within which the two other pupils would die.This is confirmed by a valuable document in our possession…. (BM VIl, 372-73)
The boys died on Feb. 27 and March 12.

1872: Election of Mazzarello

On the first ballot Mary Mazzarello received 21 of 27 votes. Immediately, the pious, humble maiden begged to be excused… Mary Mazzarello suddenly felt inspired to suggest humbly that the best possible solution would be to leave the choice of a superior to Don Bosco himself. Her companions agreed if she would accept the office of first assistant with the title of mother Vicar. (BM X, 270)

1875: First missionary expedition

Pius IX had visited Argentina in the early years of h is sacred ministry and knew of the abundant spiritual harvest that could be reaped there. He was very much interested in Don Bosco’s project for the Argentinian missions. Once the Pope’s blessing and commendation were obtained, the saint made the announcement with the greatest possible solemnity. The boys of the Oratory, members of the General Council and the Rectors of the other houses were all gathered together. At a sign from the saint, Consul Gazzolo of Argentina read the letters from his government. (cfr. BM XI, 129-30)

1880: Lent his voice

For the feast of St. Francis of Sales, great festivities, including a stage performance, were planned. But the hero of the play lost his voice totally. He went over to meet Don Bosco. When the boy came, he knelt for Don Bosco’s blessing, but, before giving it, Don Bosco amiably told him, ‘Leave it to me. I will lend you my voice, and you will be able to play your part well’. The boy regained his voice instantly, while Don Bosco immediately lost his. The performance went off very well, but as soon as it was over, Don Bosco too regained his voice. (BM XIV, 314)

1888: Last communion

Don Bosco received holy communion for the last time on January 29th, feast of St. Francis of Sales. (cfr. MB XVIII, 535)

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