January 28

1888: To meet in heaven

Don Bosco was on the point of death while he said to Father Bonetti: “Tell the boys that I wait for them in heaven. Preach often on frequent confession¬†

1902: Death of Charles Gastini

He was a pupil of the Oratory of Turin. Later he become head of the book-binding section. He was one of the first four who received the clerical habit in 1851, but due to ill-health he had to abandon the cassock. Gastini was the very life of salesian feasts and often contributed an item. At the beginning of the year (1902) he predicted his own death because Don Bosco had told him that he would live up to 70 years. (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” 1902 p. 61)
devotion to the Blessed Virgin.” (MB XVIII, 533)

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