January 27

1879: A holy ingenuity

At Aix Don Bosco was invited to lunch by Baron Martin. With feigned gravity and great calm Don Bosco put some of the silverware and platters into his pockets and the rest into a bag which stood in the corner. Later the saint asked the baron how much that table service might be worth. He
“Ten thousand francs, if you were to buy it new”, the baron replied, “but you would probably get no more than one thousand if you were to sell it.” “Well then, since my dear baron is so wealthy and I have such a hard time easing the hunger of my poor boys,” Don Bosco said, “why don’t you give me one thousand francs and I will give you back your silverware?” As though it were the most natural thing in the world, the baron handed Don Bosco one thousand francs, and just as simply, Don Bosco returned every piece to its place. (BM xiv, 17)

1888: Only after Don Bosco’s death

Bishop Cagliero asked Don Bosco permission to go to Rome. The latter said: “You may go, but later… (after my death).” In fact the bishop waited for a few days and went to Rome only after the funeral of the saint. (cfr. MB XVIII, 530)

1888: Mary’s protection

Don Bosco said to Father Sala: “Our congregation is guided by God and protected by Mary Help of Christians.” (cfr. MB XVIII, 530)

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