January 26

1854: Name ‘salesian’

The collaborators of Don Bosco met in his room. The minutes of the meeting stated: “On the evening of January 26, 1854, we gathered in Don Bosco’s room. Present were Don Bosco, Joseph Rocchietti, Artiglia, John Cagliero and Michael Rua. Don Bosco suggested that, with the help of the Lord and St. Francis de Sales, we should first test ourselves by performing deeds of charity toward our neighbour… From that evening on, those who agreed – or would later agree – to this – were called ‘Salesians’. (BM V, 8)

1867: Bilocation

While he was at Rome, Don Bosco ‘visited’ the Oratory. He spoke of it to Father Francesia giving details, which he could not have known except through personal experience. Writing to Father Rua, Father Francesia stated: Last Saturday night Don Bosco told me that today and tomorrow (January 26-27) he would pay you a visit and would afterward tell me the names of those who are misbehaving. By the time you receive this letter, his visit will be over, but I’m telling you anyway so that you may know that Don Bosco keeps an eye on the Oratory and does not lose sight of anyone. Next Tuesday (January 29) I shall tell you what our ‘oracle’ – Don Bosco – may reveal to me. And mind you that he spoke of his vi§it to you as if it were the easiest thing in the world for him. (BM VIII, 273). Again, writing to Chevalier Oreglia a few days later, Father Francesia said: Last Sunday and Monday Don Bosco paid a visit to the Oratory and was not entirely happy. He saw several things which he himself will write about to you as soon as he can snatch a few moments. I don’t know how he managed to visit the Oratory because I know that he has never been so intensely occupied as during those days. The mysteries of God and of His servants are unsearchable. Perhaps some of you are already feeling some qualms of conscience… May it be for your good! (BM 275)

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