January 22

Feast of Laura Vicuña
1904: Death of Laura Vicuña

The eldest child of Joseph Dominic Vicuña and Mary Mercedes Pino was born on 5th April 1891 at Santiago, Chile and was named Laura. She became a boarder at the Girls’ School of the FMA Sisters at Junin de los Andes (Argentina) to which place the widowed mother had taken her children. From the beginning Laura showed a maturity of judgement superior to her age and a singular disposition for piety. She received first communion on June 2, 1901. On that occasion she made the following resolutions:
1. My God, I want to love and serve you all my life, and so I give you my soul, my heart and my whole being. 2. I want to die rather than offend you by sin, and so I intend to mortify myself in everything that could take me away from you. 3.1 intend to do all I can so that you may become known and loved, and to make reparation for all the offences you receive from men every day, and especially from the members of my family. My God, let my life be one of love, mortification and sacrifice. Towards the end of 1901 Laura applied to be admitted as a postulant in the FMA Institute, but was refused permission. She continued to pray and make sacrifices for the conversion of her mother who was leading a bad life. To obtain this grace she offered her life to God on 13 April, 1902 with the permission of her confessor, Father Augustus Crestanello, SDB. From that time her health took a rapid turn for the worse. She died a pious death on 22 January 1904, whispering; “Thank you Jesus and Mary! Now I die happy”. Infact her mother was converted. Laura Vicuria was beatified at Colle Don Bosco on September 3, 1988. (cfr. Life of Blessed Laura Vicuña)

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