January 16

1861: Dalmazzo’s vocation

When Francis Dalmazzo came to the Oratory, Don Bosco asked him: “What will you do when you are through at the Oratory?’ “I’ll be a druggist….” “Wouldn’t you like to become a priest”… Dalmazzo looked at Don Bosco and laughingly said: “You won’t succeed.” Three months of the school year are over now and Dalmazzo is most attached to Don Bosco. He often tells him, “If you will let me, Father, I would like to become a priest.” (BM VI, 489) Time proved Don Bosco right.

1867: Miraculous cure

Eighteen-month-old Paul De Maistre, the son of Count Eugene, had an enormous swelling on his face and neck. On January 16, Don Bosco blessed him and then went to say Mass in the nearby St. Charles’ Church….By the end of Mass the child seemed to be better… after blessing the child, Don Bosco said to the parents: “he will not die. He has to become a priest!” Nobody told the boy of this prediction until after he had become a Jesuit and received major orders. (BM vI1I, 258)

1956: Salesian Martyrs

At Seville the diocesan process for the beatification of 19 Salesians and 3 cooperators, victims of the revolution (1936-39), was inaugurated. The first session was presided over by archbishop Buenoy Monreal and many relatives of the martyrs took part in it. (cfr. CDB, 30)

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