January 15

1869:Miraculous approbation of  the Congregation

Three princely carriages were waiting for Don Bosco at Rome when he arrived there seeking the Holy See’s approbation of his congregation. Two of them belonged to Card. Berardi’s brother. Declining the kind offer saint told the major-domo of the cardinal:

“I can’t accept, I’m not accustomed to such luxuries….” “Please”, the majordomo insisted. “No, I can’t. Please let me walk.” (BM Ix, 225)

God was pleased to work even miracles in order to get the approbation of the Congregation.

Card. Berardi’s nephew cured

“Make my nephew well and I will speak favourably of your society to the Holy Father,” the Cardinal told Don Bosco.

Ushered into the youngster’s room, Don Bosco approached the bed-side. ‘Have faith’ he told the parents, ‘and start a novena to Mary, Help of Christians. And you, Your Eminence, show care for the Society of St. Francis de Sales.” He said a few prayers and blessed the little patient. The fever left him immediately. The cardinal renewed his promise to do his best for the Salesian Society, and to overcome difficulties instead of raising them, if his nephew recovered….Three days later, Don Bosco returned and found the boy sitting up in bed….Within a short time, he was quite well again. (BM Ix, 229)

Card. Antonelli cured

The cardinal who was suffering from gout told Don Bosco:

“I have been a prisoner of this chair for some days now…” “Your Eminence, help me in matters which I have at heart and I guarantee your recovery.” “What do you want of me?” “That you take an interest in the Society of St. Francis de Sales.” “That is quite a difficult matter, I would think. Anyway, I prom that I shall put in a good word for you as soon as I can call on the Holy Father.” “The matter is urgent.” “You know I can’t move…” “Have faith in Mary, Help of Christians and go to him soon…Please go and see the Holy Father soon….”

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