January 11

1861: Saintly boys

Don Bosco spoke to a large number of youngsters regarding the holiness of some of his boys. “We have boys who are even more devout than Dominic Savio. One especially – hardly ever noticed by his schoolmates – can tell me after Mass the distractions and thoughts I had while saying it.” (BM vi, 486)

1879: Mary was there

At Marseille a woman brought her son to Don Bosco. The young boy was a pitiable sight: frail, bent, propped up on two crutches. He was no more than eight years. The saint blessed the little cripple and he was cured instantly. Eight months later the saint confided to Father Bologna: “You see, Don Bosco felt that he was just getting nowhere in France, and so he told Our Lady, ‘Come now, let’s get started’.” And a great start it was. The news of the marvel spread like wildfire through the city, creating such a furor that people flocked to Don Bosco in endless lines. (BM )(Iv, 6)

1947: Cause of Orione

The cause for the beatification and canonization of Luigi Orione was introduced on this day. He was a past pupil of Don Bosco and founded the congregation of Divine Providence. He witnessed the canonization of Don Bosco in 1934. He died on 12th May 1940 and was beatified in 1980. (cfr. CDB, 25)

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