February 9

1862: In heaven with his boys

Don Bosco offered to God all the sacrifices he had to endure, for the spiritual betterment of his boys. The Bonetti chronicles reported: While in the dining room with some clerics and lay members, Don Bosco spoke of the afflictions of this life. “Nothing matters.”he concluded, “so long as I can go to heaven with my boys and with Bonetti” (for 1 was standing near him and he was looking at me). “How many of us do you want with you?” I asked. “At least ten thousand”, he replied. He had said the same on other occasions…. “How many of your boys are already in heaven?” I went on. “About two hundred!” (BM VII, 53)

1888: Renown for sanctity

Don Rua went to Rome to study the possibility of introducing the cause of Don Bosco. He paid a visit to Mgr. Caprara who worked as promoter of faith in the Sacred Congregation of Rites. This prelate had once pointed out Don Bosco out to a group of priests and said: “Do you sec that priest? I hope that his cause for beatification will he presented to our consideration and that I will he chosen devil’s advocate.” That honour he did not actually have, but it is to his credit that he recognized Don Bosco’s worth and then unabashedly proclaimed his high regard for him. (BM xv, 457)

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