January 8

1869:The rosary

Don Bosco went to Rome to secure the Holy See’s approval for the Salesian Society. The saint had added another article to
the Constitutions:

A desire to honor the Virgin Mary was constantly afire within him. The rules he was bringing to Rome bore another token of his great love for Her. An addition to them made official what was already a constant practice – namely, the daily recitation of the rosary by priests and clerics. The 1864 draft had prescribed it for lay members only. (BM IX, 219)

1885:Miraculous cure

St. Leonard Murialdo (+13 March 1900), one of Don Bosco’s first collaborators and founder of the Society of the Josephines, was cured immediately on receiving Don Bosco’s blessing. A saint cured another saint! (cfr. CD13, 21)

1911:Death of Father Evasio Garrone
He entered the Oratory at the age of 18. One day during confession, Don Bosco told him all his sins. He also predicted that the boy would one day become a missionary priest. Garrone was privileged to see Don Bosco in ecstasy during Mass three times. Later he went as a missionary to Patagonia with Father John Cagliero. At Viedma he saw several times Indians arrive at the hospital sent by a “missionary priest”. On seeing the picture of Don Bosco at the hospital, the sick Indians affirmed that he was the priest who had sent them to the salesian hospital! For his services to the poor, Father Garrone was given the title ‘Doctor’ (honoris causa) by the government! (cfr. BM XIII, 700-703)

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