February 8

1861: heaven assured

During the spiritual retreat in the Bergamo seminary, Don Bosco told the students:
“On a certain occasion I was allowed to ask Our Lady for the grace of having several thousand boys with me in heaven and the Blessed Virgin granted me the favour. If you wish to he included too, I shall be happy to admit you. The only condition is that, for the rest of your life, you say a Hail Mary every day – possibly at Mass and, preferably at the Consecration.” (MB VI, 496)

1870: Both poor

Don Bosco had an audience with the Pope. Referring to it he said: I was ushered in at 9.45 and immediately offered him a one thousand lire bill toward Peter’s pence which he accepted, exclaiming: “This is a wonder! To think that you, who are always penniless, should bring me money. Well, my safe is always empty too. Your name is John, and so is mine, but we should both change it to Francis. We would both make a fine pair of (poor) Franciscans.” (BM IX, 391)

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