February 6

1861: Watchful even from far

While preaching a retreat at the Minor Seminary of Bergamo, Don Bosco wrote to Father Alasonatti: “Yesterday, Tuesday, the devil scored a telling victory among the Oratory boys, and I am afraid he will do the same today”…. While writing, he could also see that two boys, Jarach and Parigi, were at that very moment writing a note to him. He then saw them chasing each other in the playground… (BM VI, 495)

1865: Purity

In a dream Don Bosco saw his boys around him, each holding a TY/J. huge lily, a violet or some other flower. Suddenly a huge ugly cat, black as coal, appeared and was trying to knock down their flowers. Narrating this dream to his boys the saint spoke as follows: The lily, my dear sons, symbolizes the beautiful virtue of purity, against which the devil wages endless war. Woe to those who keep their flower low! The devil will snatch it from them. Such are those who pamper the flesh by overeating or eating between meals, who shirk work and idle away their time, who are fond of certain conversations or books, and who shun self-denial. For goodness’ sake, my children, fight this enemy or it will enslave you. (BM VIII, 21)

1879: First three provinces

At Alassio in the presence of the major superiors, Don Bosco divided the congregation into three provinces. Father Francesia was appointed provincial of Piedmont with headquarters at Turin; Father Cerruti became provincial of Liguria with headquarters at Alassio; Father Bodrato was appointed provincial of South America with headquarters at Buenos Aires. (cfr. BM XIV, 25)

1886: Bilocation

Fr. Branda, Rector of the house of Sarria (Spain) heard for the second time the voice of Don Bosco during the night (the first was on Jan. 30th). This time he accompanied the saint through the dormitories and he pointed out three boys and a coadjutor Brother who had to be sent away from the house. (cfr. M13 XVIII, 34)

1888: Don Bosco’s burial

The body of Don Bosco was interned in a chapel prepared for the purpose in the house of Valsalice, as was foretold by the saint himself on September 13, 1887. (cfr. MB XVIII, 565)

1921: Helped Freemason to die well

Don Bosco appeared to a Freemason in Rome. He was a past pupil and was now on the point of death. The saint said to him: “John. I will not abandon you in these difficult moments. Send for Card. Cagliero or Father Piccollo and do what you will he told.” The dying person renounced his error and died a good death fortified by the sacraments of the Church. (‘Ricordi ,p. 196)

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