February 4

1876: Vocations, the main objective

During a conference Don Bosco exhorted the rectors to foster vocations for our Congregation, for the Seminary and for other religious Orders: I need not exhort you again to constantly foster priestly vocations. As of now, this is the main objective of our Congregation. The unusual scarcity of priests which worsens every year is presently our gravest threat…first seek those who may be inclined to join our Congregation, but do not push anyone into it. If someone wishes to enter the diocesan seminary, let him freely do so if he is qualified. (BM XII, 67-68)

1888: Funeral procession

Since the Municipal authorities of Turin did not give permission to bury Don Bosco in the church of Mary I kip of Christians, the hody of the saint was taken in procession to Valsalice for the burial. (cfr. MB XVIII. 564)

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