February 3

1868: Hidden thorns

During a meeting of Rectors, Don Bosco narrated a dream he had 1847. The Blessed Virgin invited him to walk on a pergola of roses. He was asked to remove the shoes and not to tread on the delicate rose flowers. An enthusiastic crowd of priests, clerics and boys followed him. But when they began to feel the prick of the thorns they all left him. (cfr. BM III, 25ff)

1879: Miraculous cure

At Nice countess Villeneuva who was sick for several years called on Don Bosco and he said to her: “…You will be healed, so that you may give your children a christian education.” The countess knelt for Don Bosco’s blessing. Having blessed her, he asked about her children and suggested she go to Turin for the May 24 celebration. In her statement she wrote: “I returned home full of hope, with hardly a thought of having been sick an hour earlier. That evening I walked some six kilometers with my sons. I no longer have problems in climbing. …Instantaneously I felt strength restored to my limbs, so much so that soon afterward I was able to walk twelve kilometers with a friend of mine in less than three hours…” (BM XIV, 21-22) 

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