February 26

1861: Ask for favours during elevation

During the “Good Night” on February 26, Don Bosco spoke: “The best time to ask and obtain favours from God is the time of the Elevation.” For this reason, Don Bosco desired that vocal praying, singing, and even organ music should cease (during that time).” (BM VI, 501)

1862: Diabolical vexations again

Don Bosco returned to Ivrea where he had sought refuge with Bishop Moreno a few days before to rid himself of his nightly diabolical visitations. It was his first peaceful night in a whole month, and he felt greatly refreshed. One evening, alter talking with the bishop till one in the morning, he went tranquilly to his room thinking that the devil had lost track of him. As soon as he put the light out, the pillow began to rock, just as at the Oratory, and a horrid monster appeared at the Coot of his bed. ready to pounce upon him. At this sight he screamed so loudly that he woke everybody up…the following day, however, he told the bishop the whole story. (UM VII, 49-50)

1924: Death of Mother Catherine Daghero

She died at the age of 68 as Superior General of the FMA sisters. After the death of St. Mary Mazzarello (14 May 1881) Daghero was elected Superior on 12 August 1881 and was always re-elected in subsequent chapters. Thus she remained in office for 43 years. During this period the number of sisters rose from 200 to 5000. (MB, 81)

1958: Death of Father Enea Tozzi

As a student of the Salesian Institute of Faenza he went to Turin, but Don Bosco did not let him kiss his hand, saying: “we are not friends!” Tozzi had promised his mother that he would not let himself be caught by Don Bosco. After three days of stay at the Oratory he changed his mind and the saint told him: “Now we are friends and you will never abandon Don Bosco”. He went to England and was appointed director of novices. In 1926 he went to South Africa. During the War he was the delegate of the Rector Major in the United States and after the war he was appointed provincial of that country. Later he became provincial of England and died at Melchet Court. (cfr. MB XVIII, 381)

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