February 25

February 25
1879: Victim of palsy cured

While Don Bosco was walking to the Cathedral of Lucca, a shout of -A blessing” was heard suddenly. A twenty-year-old young man, a victim of palsy, was being propped up by his parents. “Am Ito bless him in the middle of the street,” asked Don Bosco …He lifted his hand in blessing, and all about him knelt… “come, let’s see you take a step or two.” The young man tried and managed to totter. “Come on, walk with me,” Don Bosco coaxed him…the young man took some two hundred steps with no support of any kind…Lost in wonderment the young man made his way home… (BM XIV, 41)

1879: Exorcist !

Again at Lucca a woman of about 35, who was possessed and afflicted with bewildering diabolical vexations, was brought to Don Bosco by the pastor of the place. lie blessed her as soon as she came into his presence, hut, when he tried to trace the sign of the cross on her forehead with a picture of Our Lady, no one could hold her down. She struggled wildly and writhed like a serpent. This happened on the morning of February 25. On leaving, Don Bosco stated that she should be set free on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. And so indeed it happened…. (BM XIV, 42)

1881: Throat cured

Through the good offices of Father Mendre, Mrs. Flanderin got Don Bosco to bless her sick daughter at Marseille. For two weeks the poor young women’s throat had been so inflamed that she had not been able to swallow anything …she was burning with thirst. Her father, a government worker, had gone to the office that morning, leaving the house in the certainty that his daughter would be dead on his return; just a few days earlier she had been anointed…Don Bosco blessed the girl, saying, “and now drink.” With no discomfort she began to sip some water, and as she did so, she felt new life flowing through her body. Finally, putting down the glass, she exclaimed, “I am healed!” (BM XV, 42)

1930: Blessed Louis Versiglia (1873-1930)

He was born at Oliva Gessi (Italy) on June 5, 1873. After a successful novitiate he made his profession in 1889 and was ordained a priest in 1895. In 1906, he left for China as the head of the first Salesian Missionary expedition to that country. In 1920 he was made Vicar Apostolic of Shiu Chow. He was known for personal sanctity, prudence in governing and hard work. In 1930 Bolshevik pirates murdered him and Father Caravario in hatred of the Catholic faith. The apostolic process was introduced in 1956 and both were beatified in 1983. (cfr. CDB, 79)

1930: Blessed Callistus Caravario

He was horn at Courgne (Italy) on August 8, 1903. He made his first profession in 1919 at Foglizzo and left for China while yet a cleric, in 1924. He was ordained a priest in China by Mgr. Versiglia. Callistus was known for innocence of life, a deep yearning for priestly sanctity and missionary zeal. On 25 February 1930, while accompanying Mgr. Versiglia on a pastoral visit, he was murdered by Bolshevik pirates in hatred of the faith. The apostolic process was introduced in 1956. He was beatified in 1983.(cfr. CDB, 79) 

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