February 23

1862: Diabolical disturbances

Frequently the devil did not allow Don Bosco to sleep. “I am very very tired…last night I kept dozing on and off. No sooner would I close my eyes than I would hear hammer blows striking under my pillow. If I sat up, the noise stopped; if I lay down, it began anew..I am very much disturbed….I have an idea that the devil does not want our Catholic school at Porta Nuova to open because it may checkmate the Protestant one.” (BM vii, 49)

1878 Pope’s esteem

When the Chamberlain presented Don Bosco to Leo XIII, the Pope remarked: “Who does not know Don Bosco? He is known everywhere for his /cal.” Then turning to Don Bosco, he added, “I hear that you are thinking of opening a house here in Rome.” “That depends on Your Holiness!” Don Bosco said. “Of course, of course,” the Holy Father replied. (BM XIII, 378) 

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