February 20

1878: Election of Leo XIII foretold

A few days before the conclave, speaking to Card. Pecci, Don Bosco said
that he was:
“Just an ordinary priest who would now kiss the hand of Your
Eminence while praying very hopefully to kiss your sacred foot
within a few days.”
“Think of what you are doing. I forbid you to pray as you said.”
“You cannot forbid me to ask God to do what is pleasing to Him !-
“If you pray for this, I must threaten you with censures.”
“So far you have no power to do so. When you will have it, I shall
respect it.” (BM XIII, 376)

1882: Death foretold

At Saint Cyr (France) Don Bosco met a young priest, cordially grasped
his hand, and with warm insistence urged him to be resigned to God’s
will. The priest did not know what he was referring to. But he understood
it later.
On Ash Wednesday as he was dining with his mother, she took
a few sips of soup, then clasped her hands, bowed her head and
died. Then he understood. Years later, in 1887, recounting, this
incident to Father Albera, he spoke most highly of this holy
servant of God. (BM XV, 415)

1927: Don Bosco Venerable

Pope Pius XI declared the heroicity of the virtues of the servant of Goj.
(cfr. MB XIX, 74)

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