February 2

1842: Oratory choir

From the very beginning, Don Bosco realized that without singing and the reading of wholesome and interesting books, the meetings (of his boys) would have been lifeless. By the feast of the Purification, February 2,1842, he already had a choir of some, twenty fine voices, raised in praise of the Mother of God, singing for the first time Lodate Maria, o lingue fedeli (Let praises to Mary ) 71)

1851: First clothing

On February 2, Feast of the Purification 01 the 131essed Virgin…. Joseph Buzzetti, Felix Reviglio, James Bellia, and Charles Gastini donned the clerical habit. (HM iv, 161) Of these, Reviglio and Bellia left Don Bosco and hecame diocesan priests. Buzzetti lost his index finger and became a coadjutor later. Gastini interrupted his studies and became the head of the carpentry department in the Oratory and remained with Don Bosco till his death (1902).

1860: First Salesian Brother

He (Joseph Rossi) arrived at the Oratory on October 20 (185 9), led there through the reading of Don Bosco’s (prayer hook) The Companion of Youth. Rossi wrote: “When I first found myself face to face with Don Bosco, I was highly impressed by his fatherliness and affability and immediately felt a filial affection for him….” (BM VI, 159-60) On the second of February, in the year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty, at half past nine in the evening the (Superior) Chapter of the Society of St. Francis de Sales met in the room of its director – Father John Bosco – at the Oratory of St. Francis of Sales to consider the application of Joseph Rossi….the young man was admitted to the said Society. (BM VI, 274)

1869: Confessors to be available

On February 2, Don Bosco was invited by the Superior of a distinguished Order to attend a solemn service. Not finding a confessor in the sacristy, the saint asked for the superior who curtly told him: ‘Don’t you know that I do not hear confessions?’ After Mass, he (Don Bosco) was introduced to the superior who did not asyet know him personally. Afterward, Don Bosco gently chided him: “Father Abbot, it’s hard to believe, but there was a priest who wanted to go to confession and could not rind a confessor on a very solemn least! When I asked for Father Abbot, I was told that he did not hear confessions. Worse yet, to her my surprise I was informed that here confessions are heard only by those who can do nothing else.” “Ah, Don Bosco, forgive me. I didn’t know you.I was wrong. Please do not tell the Holy about it.” (BM IX, 242)

1876: The Congregation guided by God

During a conference to the Rectors Don Bosco affirmed: …nothing has happened which was not known in advance. Our Congregation took no step that had not been suggested by some supernatural occurrence, and approved no change, improvement or expansion that was not prompted by God … for instance, we could have recorded everything that has happened even before it occurred, in every detail and with preciseness. In fact, I did write several things for my own guidance and encouragement. (BM XII, 52)

1888: Blind Sister cured

When the body of Don Bosco was about to be put into the coffin a blind FMA sister came forward and brought the lifeless hand of the saint to her eyes and immediately she regained her sight. (cfr. MB XVIII, 550)

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