February 19

1851: Pinardi house

After the clothing of his first clerics (Feb 20), Don Bosco wanted more space to accommodate his growing family. One Sunday afternoon Mr. Francis Pinardi came to the saint and agreed to sell the house if a convenient price was offered. After some bargaining both the parties agreed on 30000 lire. Don Bosco did not know where to find that much , money. God was very generous with him. Father Joseph Cafasso came to the Oratory and said: “Don Bosco, a good lady has given me 10,000 lire for you!” On the following day a Rosminian priest, Father Gilardi,
brought 20,000 lire. The incidental expenses were paid by the banker
On February 19, 1851, through the notary Turvano, Francis
Pinardi sells the land and building adjoining the, property of the
Filippi brothers…to the Reverend Fathers John Bosco, John
Borel, Robert Murialdo and Joseph Cafasso, for the sum of
28,500 lire… (BM IV, 172)

1863: Mad against blasphemer

A man who called on Don Bosco, finding that he could not get what he
wanted, began to blaspheme. The saint remarked:
I could no longer control myself. I strode over to the stove,
grabbed a pair of tongs and, seizing the blasphemer by the coat,
exclaimed, “Out, or I’ll teach you a lesson!” ….I pushed him out.
Whenever I hear a curse or an insulting epithet to God’s holy
name, I really lose self-control, and were it not for God’s
restraining grace, I might do things which I should later regret.
(BM VII, 20)

1869: Approbation of the society

The Congregation was approved by Rome on February 19, though the
official decree was dated March 1. That evening Don Bosco went to the
Vatican to thank the Pope:
“Now, Father, you must hurry to get the constitutions approved
(said the Pope). I am acquainted with everything, I am familiar
with your goals, and I’ll back you up in every way I can, but I am
old and may die at any moment. Who knows who the next Pope
will be and how things may drag on!”
“Holy Father,” Don Bosco replied with habitual serenity, “the
Lord still had great things in store for you for the good of the
Church..” (BM IX, 248)

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