February 18

1858: First journey to Rome

Don Bosco went with cleric Michael Rua. As all prudent people did in those days before setting out on a rather hazardous journey, he decided to make out his will in order to avoid complications for the Oratory in the event – as he jokingly remarked – that he might end up as food for the fish of the Mediterranean. (he travelled by ship) (BM V, 524)

1863: Prediction of death

After urging the artisans to make the Exercise for a Happy Death well, Don Bosco added, “Do so, especially because one of you will have no other chance. I could mention his name but! will not. Let each of you prepare himself well.” John Baptist Negro of Frassinetto Po, fifteen, died at home on March 23, 1863. (BM VII, 238)

1884: Extraordinary development of the Congregation

While he was sick at San Benigno, Don Bosco wrote his Testament for the Salesian Cooperators. To Father Lemoyne he also predicted the extraordinary development of the Congregation. “I see it going to South America as well as North America, then to Austria and Hungary and Russia, to India…to China…” (cfr. MB XVII, 30) 

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