February 17

1867: Blessing for Card. Antonelli

Father Francesia wrote from Rome: After closing the door, the cardinal asked Don Bosco for a medal and his blessing. “Please, Your Eminence,” Don Bosco said. “You arc not one of my boys.” “Never mind,” the cardinal replied, “Bless me.” To avoid that, Don Bosco knelt to kiss his ring, but when the cardinal knelt down too, Don Bosco had to obey. Afterward, with exquisite characteristic kindness, the cardinal offered Don Bosco a thousand lire for the new church and the Oratory… He also stated that this would not be his last donation. (um VIII, 300)

1930: Don Bosco’s prophecy

As a young coadjutor Bruno was afraid to go to the Missions thinking that his mother would be displeased. Don Bosco told him, “Tell your mother that if she allows you to go, she would go straight to heaven after her death, and you will live long”. Bruno left for the missions on November 7, 1876 (2nd expedition). In 1884 he went to Montevideo where he worked as a cook till his death on February 2, 1930. One day he saw his mother in a dream and she told him, “I am going to heaven. A few days later, he received a telegram from Italy conveying the news of the death of his mother. (cfr. Lett. mortuaria)

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