February 16

1865: No suppression of monasteries

Referring to the suppression of monasteries Don Bosco told his boys: “All I say is: ‘Pray’.” Afterwards when his young clerics and priests were alone with him, he disclosed that if many people prayed, a pending bill for the suppression of monasteries would not pass. As a matter of fact, such a bill was withdrawn on April 28, 1865. (BM VIII, 29)

1884: Salesian cooperators

Don Bosco spoke to Fr. Lemoyne: “The true salesian cooperator is one who helps, not the salesians, but the church, the bishops and the parish priests, under the guidance of the salesians. This can be done in teaching catechism, educating poor boys etc. Helping the salesians is only one of the works of mercy towards the church. The lady cooperators are added by express wish of Pius IX.” (cfr. MB XVII, 25)

1926: Death of Servant of God Joseph Allamano

He was a past pupil of Don Bosco and founder of the Consolata Missions. He started his studies at the Oratory, but then entered the seminary in spite of Don Bosco’s invitation to join the salesians. in 1880 he became the Rector of the Consolata Church in Turin and founded an Institute for the Missions (cfr. CDB, 71). He was beatified in 1990.

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