February 15
1872: Back from Varazze
1885: Help from Christian Brothers

1872: Back from Varazze

Arriving at Porta Nuova Don Bosco found Countess Corsi ‘s carriage waiting for him. When he reached the Oratory, he immediately entered the church through the main portal, followed by the superiors, pupils, friends and many benefactors were waiting for him inside. As soon as he set foot in the sanctuary, Brother Buzzetti intoned the psalm Laudate, Pueri Dominum. Kneeling at the altar of Mary, Help of Christians, surrounded by the superiors, he prayed at great length, his countenance aglow with holy love. (DM x, 154)

1885: Help from Christian Brothers Brother

Wide, the Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian school, directed through a circular letter sent on January 3, 1882 that the money saved through the mortification of the members, be dedicated to the construction and the furnishing of the Sacred Heart Church in Rome. Our dear confreres’ savings as they cut back on food once or twice a week throughout the year, and the funds collected from our students, especially of our boarding schools, are to be allotted to the same cause! ‘…and the deceased Brother Irlide’s successor presented them (20,000 francs) personally to Don Bosco on February 15, 1885. (BM XV, 342-341) 

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