February 14

1862: Prayer for purity at consecration

During the “Good Night” Don Bosco gave the following advice: “Form the habit of saying short invocations. For instance, when temptation assails you, have immediately recourse to Mary…if you wish even more, pray for this virtue during Holy Mass. Look, from the very beginning of the Oratory, I directed that at Mass all singing, vocal prayers, and any sound must cease at the Elevation. Why? Just so that each one of you at this precious moment may undistractedly ask the Lord for the virtue of modesty. My dear boys, believe me, if you beg the Lord at that solemn moment to grant you that grace, He will most surely do so.” (BM VII, 55-56)

1875: Secret of success

Mr. Conte asked Don Bosco ‘s advice on starting a business to manu facture furnaces. The saint thought it over, prayed a while and then replied: “Yes, sign the contract. You will make a fortune, provided that you supply all the lime needed for a new wing of our school at Sampierdarena!” Mr. Conte agreed…and he punctually lived up to his promise…And when later on, he fell victim to a type of persecution mania, Don Bosco wrote to assure him in God’s name that nothing untoward would ever happen to him. He put Don Bosco’s letter in his wallet, always kept it in a pocket over his heart and became a millionaire. His son, Father Louis Carmelo Conte…disclosed this fact, and it was confirmed by Father Paul Albera, director of the Salesian school in Sampierdarena. (BM X, 71-72)

1930: Castelnuovo Don Bosco

By a Royal Decree, Castelnuovo d ‘Asti was renamed Castelnuovo Don Bosco. (dr. CD13, 69) 

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