February 12

1689: Special indulgence

Pope Pius IX granted Don Bosco by word of mouth the following indulgence: An indulgence of 300 days whenever they (salesians) say Maria Auxilium Christianorum, ora pro nobis… (BM XI, 440)

1870: Infallibility

During the second audience with the Holy Father, Don Bosco showed great solicitude in having the infallibility of the Pope defined as a dogma of faith during the Vatican council. Whatever it was, the fact is that he kept trying to convince members of the opposition that the definition of papal infallibility was a necessity. He also kept attending the sessions of particular commissions and reported to the Pope whatever he considered suitable or necessary. Thus he worked indefatigably for a cause to which he had devoted his entire life: the glory of the papacy and of the Church. The Pope was deeply gratified. (BM Ix, 395) Basing himself on the vision of January 5, the saint had written a message addressed to the Pope: l’he message was a peremptory, absolute command that difficulties should not be debated but done away with, that fears should he cast aside, that the task at hand should he pursued and swiftly brought to a conclusion, and that the Blessed Virgin’s help was guaranteed. The Lord wanted the dogmatic defintion of papal infallibility. (BM IX, 396)

1870: Don Bosco a cardinal?

At the end of the audience on Feb. 12. the Pope asked Don Bosco: “Could you leave Turin and come to stay at Rome with me’ Would your Congregation suffer by it?” “Holy Father, it would he its ruin!” The Pope did not insist, but it was obvious that he wished to have him at his side in Rome as a cardinal. “1 love my boys too much to leave them,” explained Don Bosco. (BM IX, 396-397) 

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