February 11

1863: Acquired the land he dreamt about

Don Bosco bought a piece of land from the Turin seminary in 1850. “It belonged to the Turin seminary, to which Don Bosco paid 7.500 lire.- (BM Iv, 87) Subsequently he was forced to sell it to Father Rosmini for want of funds in 1854. Finally Don Bosco re-acquired the property from the Rosminians. By a deed dated February 11, 1863, Father Peter Bertetti, Rosmini’s successor, sold Don Bosco some 15,000 square feet of land in Valdocco for 1,558 lire and 40 centesimi, and thus it again became Don Bosco’s property. (BM VII, 228)

1872: Devil’s fright

Don Bosco visited the house of Lanzo in a dream. The devil told him that he had gained several boys through bad talk. Then the saint ordered the devil to speak up. “I demand that you tell me what thing you fear most here.1 order you in the name of God, our Creator and Master, whom we both must obey….” Then amid horrible shrieks, they screamed, “What hurts most and we fear most is carrying out resolutions made in the confession.” (BM X, 36)

1886: Father Branda warned

Father Branda, Rector of the house of Sarria (Spain) celebrated Mass in the private chapel of Ven. Dorotea di Chopitea, the great benefactress of the salesians. After the prayers at the foot of the altar he heard a voice clearly, “If you don’t do what Don Bosco has asked you, this will he the last mass you celebrate”. (cfr. Feb. 6). On that very day he decided to send away the guilty ones. (cfr. MB XVIII. 37) 

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