February 10

1861: Dalmazzo’s death foretold

Don Bosco said to young Francis Dalmazzo on February 10: “You will live forty-nine years; you will don the clerical habit and remain at the Oratory. After Don Bosco’s death, you will be come a canon.” (BM VI, 502) Fr. Dalmazzo died at the age of 49 in 1895.

1862: Purity

Father Bonetti wrote in his chronicles: This evening Don Bosco offered the boys some tips on keeping the virtue of modesty. He summed them up in two verses he had read some twenty-five years before in (a hook by Anthony) Foresti (S.J.):….Remove the wood from the fire if you want it to die out; avoid idleness, wining and dining if you want to control the rebellion of the flesh. (BM VII, 55) 

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