December 7

1873: Read consciences

To Father Berto who asked Don Bosco how he was able to read boys’ consciences, the saint replied: “Well nearly every night I dream that boys come to me for their general confession and tell me all their sins. The next morning ed to d when they do really come for confession, all I neo is to tell them their sins.” (BM X, 61)

1881: Not yet time

Father Cagnoli, who was a novice became seriously sick and Don Bosco was cal led to bless and comfort him at the hour of death. The saint instead placed his hand on the priest’s head and told him: “This is no time for you to You have so much more good to do, my dear Father Cagnoli! Get up for a little while tomorrow, and later we shall send you to Rimini for convalescence.” He then gave him the blessing of Mary Help of Christians. From that moment on the young priest’s health improved rapidly without benefit of doctors or medicines; a week later he felt strong enough to set out for Rimini. (BM xv, 452)

1884: Cagliero’s Episcopal Ordination

Father Cagliero was ordained bishop in the church of Mary Help of Christians by Card. Alimonda of Turin, Mgr. Manacorda, Bishop of Fossano and Mgr. Bertagna, Auxiliary Bishop of Turin. The mother of the new bishop was present at the ceremony (she was 88 and died on Dec. 25, 1884). After the ceremony the first one to kiss the ring of the new Bishop was Don Bosco! (cfr. MB XVII, 292)

1887: Go to Turin, Don Bosco is dying

Bishop Cagliero heard a mysterious voice telling him, “Go to Turin to assist Don Bosco in his last moments.” The Bishop came to Turin on this day accompanied by Iwo /NA sisters, and a girl of eight from “Tierra del Fuego.” (cfr. M 13 XVIII, 406)

1887: Liege to wait

On this day Mgr. Doutreloux, bishop of Liege (Belgium) visited Don Bosco. The Bishop wanted to renew his request for a salesian house at Liege, which he had made in 1884. Due to lack of personnel Don Bosco was unable to satisfy the bishop. (cfr. MB XVIII, 436; No.1281) 

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