December 5

1873: Death predicted

At Lanzo Don Bosco had a dream, similar to the one he had at Turin on November 8. It seemed to Don Bosco that a mysterious youth took him into one of the domitories… and holding a candle up to the boy’s faces, made them known to Don Bosco. The first ones had clear foreheads, whereas others’ foreheads were marked by either one or two black lines symbolizing (venial sins)… suddenly he heard the chantof the Miserere. (prayer for the dead). “Why the Miserere?” he asked his mysterious guide. “So and so died on such and such a day!” was the reply. “But how can that be? He was alive only a little while ago!” “In God’s sight the future is like the present.” Don Bosco concluded that this death would happen within a month, but though he did not disclose the name, he exhorted all to be ready… Fifteen days later, Cavazzoli fell ill and died.. (BM X, 62)

1931: Death of Blessed Rinaldi

1856 - Born at Lu Alexandria (Italy) 1880 - Profession 1882 - Priestly ordination 1889 - Rector of the House of Sarria; later Provincial 1901 - Prefect General 10-) - Rector Major - Died di Turin )()9(s, PiL:dtilicdtion uccp interior lily' Idtherlines devotion to Our Lady - missionary impetus - predilection for Salesian Brothers and the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians! (cfr. Mort lett)

1956: Rinaldi’s remains to the basilica

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death, the mortal remains of Father Rinaldi were exhumed from the common cemetery and brought to the Church of Mary, Help of Christians and entombed in the crypt (chapel of the relics). (cfr. "Boll.Sal" 1957, p.10.) 

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