December 4

1882: Collie in glory

In a letter to Madame Colic, mother of Louis Collie, Don Bosco declared: “I have seen our dearly beloved Louis several times, always resplendent in glory, bathed in light, garbed in splendour which defies all power of description. I shall say more to you orally when, as I hope, I shall see you at Toulon next February and spend some time with you and your dear husband, who is so generous to our salesian houses.” (BM XV, 63)

1884: Divine Providence!

Don Bosco narrated to Father Viglietti, his secretary, a few extraordinary graces he had received from Divine Providence. “How good is divine providence. Listen and judge for yourself whether God is with us or not! Father Alhera wrote to me that he was in need of 1000 francs very urgently. On the same day a good lady from Marseille brought him 1000 francs in thanksgiving fora grace received. Father Ronchail was in great difficulties and was desperately in need of 4000 francs. On the same day a lady wrote to Don Bosco informing him that she was putting 4000 francs at his disposal! Father Dalmazzo did not know where to turn to for help. On that very day a charitable lady donated a considerable sum of money for the church of the Sacred Heart!” (cfr. BM XVII, 389)

1958: Feast of Mary of Christians in Poland

Pope John XXIII issued a decree in virtue of which the feast of Mary, Help of Christians was established in all Poland. This was done at the request of Card.Wyszinski and the Polish Episcopate! (“Boll. Sal.” 1959, p.97, 181) 

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