December 30

1863: Fatherly exhortations

On December 30th, Don Bosco wrote to his new pupils at Mirabello. “…First, I want to thank you for all you did for me, for your greetings and prayers….I was quite gratified to see a more frequent reception of the sacraments, a more devout deportment in church especially at night prayers, greater charity in bearing with annoyances…I noticed several of you strolling into church seemingly unaware that it is a sacred place; too many of you sat totally distracted through sermons and left without a single resolution for your own spiritual good…Again there are: quite a number of you who dodge work as if it were a massive stone hanging over your heads. But what gritved me most was to see a few of you trying to introduce foul notions and foul f conversation… I’ll tell you now that the Lord wants you to do during this year to deserve His blessings: I. Avoid illness and be most diligent in your scholastic and religious duties. Idleness is the lather of all vices. 2. Go to communion 3. Be devoted to Mary Most Holy: frequently call on Her…” (BM VII, 351-352)

1878: Salesian Sisters for the missions

Ten Daughters of Mary Help of Christians assigned to Buenos Aires and Montevideo left from Mornese on December 30, although most members of that community had already moved to their new mother house in Nizza Monferrato. At Sampierdarena they received the final blessing from Don Bosco himself, who had arrived there that same day. As he was about to bless them, one of them said to him, “Father, bless us so that none of us will die on the voyage.” “Have no fear,” Don Bosco replied after a momentary pause. “There will be no mishap, but even if one of you should end up in the ocean while on her way to the missions, she should he blessed in escaping purgatory.” (BM XIII, 611)

1897: Death of Beltrami (1870-1897)

Venerable Andrew Beltrami was a pupil of Lanzo school from 1885 and received the clerica rhabit from Don Bosco himself at Foglizzo in 1886. He was ordained a priest by Bishop Cagliero on 8 January 1893. The four years of his priesthood were filled with sufferings. His motto was “To Live to Suffer.” He wrote several biographies and book lets on spirituality. (cfr. Annali II, p. 729) The cause for his beatification was introduced in 1920. frequently…

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