December 25

1845: Dreams for the future

On December 22nd, Don Bosco and his boys said farewell to St.Martin’s Church (Mill) and on Christmas Day they flocked in great numbers to the Rifugio. The room was small and absolutely inadequate for Don Bosco’s boys. He was worried, but he concealed his anxiety left the boys lose heart and drift away. He cheered them by telling them wonderful things about their future home and the buildings which then existed only in his imagination and in God’s plan! “Don’t be afraid, my dear boys,” he would tell them. “A fine building is waiting for you right now. Soon we’ll be able to live in it. We ’11 have a beautiful church, too, and a big house, and large play grounds. Thousands of boys will come to play, to pray and to work.” (BM II, 267)

1858: Life expectancy fifty years

Christmas Midnight Mass, which they attended more fervently and devoutly than usual also because they had been deeply impressed by some of Don Bosco’s recent words. He had told them that he would not expect to live beyond fifty, but that their prayers could obtain an extension for him. (BM VI, 56)

1876: All equal

Speaking to the confreres Don Bosco remarked: Here, too, we all have different chores to do: one washes dishes another cooks, and still others preach, hear confessions and teach. Others sweep floors or help. Anyone who cannot do hard work prays and advises others. Each one does his own share. Let him do it well and everything will run smoothly “Tell me does one who hears confession all morning long gain any more merit than one who scours pots? There is no difference. The congregation is made up of both. If you were not there to wash dishes, the priest would have to do them. we are all equal – one for all and all for one. You do one thing, and someone else does another, but since we form one body we all strive for the glory of God. Everything we do is judged by God with the same weight and measure.” (BM XII, 449)

1884: Death of Cagliero’s mother

She had the happiness of taking part in the episcopal ordination of her son on December 7, She died a few days later. (cfr. MB XV, 293)

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