December 24

1860: Dominic Savio cured him

On Christmas eve, Don Bosco spoke to the boys as follows: “The niece of the pastor of Saluggia has testified that for years she suffered from bad tooth and had to have them extracted. Since her gums kept bleeding and no remedy could be found, she prayed to Dominic Savio. Shortly after, the bleeding stopped and her gums healed.” Then Don Bosco gravely announced: “Within a few months, some of you will be no more….I know of one…but he dosen’t give it a thought. We will try to prepare him before he leaves us. I can also tell you that Castellano is in heaven, whereas Rocca needs our prayers badly.” (BM VI, 468)

1862: Death foreseen

On December 20th, Don Bosco predicted that a boy would die by Christmas. On 24th Joseph Blangino, a ten-year old boy, died exactly as Don Bosco had seen in his dream. (cfr. BM VII, 204-205)

1886: Mary’s help

Don Bosco visited a sick novice, Luigi Olive by name, and told him, “I assure you that the Madonna will cure you!” (BM XVIII, 252)

1887: Don Bosco anointed

Don Bosco received the anointing of the sick from the hands of Bishop Cagliero on this day. (cfr. MB XVIII, 492)

1887: Died without a penny

Don Bosco told his secretary, cleric Viglietti: “Do me the favour of searching the pockets of my cassock. You will find my purse there. I believe it is empty. If by any chance there is any money in it, give it to Father Rua. I want to die in such a way that it can be said: “Don Bosco died without a penny in his pocket!” (cfr. MB XVIII, 493)

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