December 23

1859: Be happy

During the Christmas Novena Don Bosco gave the following “Good Night”: I want you to be happy. We will ask Father Prefect to give the kitchen staff the necessary orders. Are you glad?…I want you to help me in providing comforts to your souls, too. The Divine Infant was born at this time, and desires to be born again every year in your hearts. He is waiting for something special from you…Many Fathers of the Church in fact tell us that Our Lord would have become man and died on the Cross even if there had been only one person to be saved!…Therefore, every one of us can truly say, “This Child was born and died just for me; He has suffered so much for me. How can I show Him my gratitude?” (BM VI, 199-200)

1883: He could not have done anything Better

Father Sebastian Wyart, Future Abbot General of the Cistercian Order visited Don Bosco. The former asked the saint what would be this reaction if one his boys became a Cistecian. “That boy could not have done anything better!”, said Don Bosco. (cfr. CDB, 484)

1887: Salesians to defend the Pope

Cardinal Alimonda, archbishop of Turin, paid Don Bosco a visit. The saint told the cardinal: Difficult times…but the authority of the Pope…I have asked Bishop Caglicro to tell the Holy Father that the Salesians will always defend him. Your Eminence, you to, kindly remind the’ Pope of the same thing!” (MB XVIII, 491)

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