December 20

1859: Don’t be ashamed to confess

“The usual snare with which the devil catches the young is to fill them with shame when they are about to confess their sins. When he pushes them to commit sin, he removes all shame as if there were nothing wrong with it, but when they are going to confession he returns that shame magni lied and tries to convince them that the priest will be shocked by their sins and will no longer think well of them.” (um VI, 198)

1880: Lord Palmerston at the Oratory

In a footnote, in his small treatise on the preventive system, Don Bosco spoke about an English Minister who was surprised at the amazing results his system of education was able to achieve. Probably the minister was Lord Palmerston. (cfr. MB XIII, 921)

1887: Saw Turin for the last time

On this day Don Bosco wrote little messages on holy pictures which were distributed to cooperators and pupils. He also went Out to the city for the last time in a carriage. (cfr. MB XVIII, 469; No. 481

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