December 2

1871: Bishops from Don Bosco’s list

Ala third Consistory, on second December, eighteen more Bishops were formally appointed from the list presented by Don Bosco. (cfr. BM X, 208)

1886: Chain for the second Salesian bishop

The farewell ceremonies for 26 Salesians and 6 FMA sisters about to leave for South Arnericp took place on December. Before the ceremonies Don Bosco gave a small packet to Father Lasagna, leader of the expedition. The lailcr opened the packet only in America and found a old chain with a note:” For the second Salesian bishop!” He thought that the saint wanted him to give it to the second salesian bishop when he will be appointed. Seven years later when he was appointed bishop, he understood that the chain was a gift of Don Bosco to himself! (cfr, MB XVIII, 216) 

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