December 19

1859: Obedience to confessor

…Tonight I shall speak only of obedience of the confessor…give his words great importance and take them as truly coming from God… St. Teresa of Avila was favoured by God with visions, but her confessor, believing them to be naught but clever tricks of the devil, commanded her to spit at them. Sure enough, Our Lord appeared to her. She first apologized for what she was going to do and then carried our her confessor’s orders. Would you believe it? Our Lord highly praise() what had seemed contempt but was actually an act of virtue. If you make good confessions, there is hardly any danger that your confessor will make a mistake; but even if he did err in commanding something of you, you will never do wrong in obeying him. (BM VI,,197) 1862: Infidelity punished
Don Bosco Predicted that two clerics who abandoned their vocation would have an unhappy end. In fact both became diocesan priests, but one died within an year, the other left for America and nothing more was heard of him. (cfr. BM VII, 202)

1871: Don Bosco drove the Devil out of the Oratory

During his sickness at Varazze Don Bosco dreamt that the devil was trying to get an entry into the Oratory. The saint succeeded in chasing him out! The other night he dreamt that he was driving the devil from it (Oratory). It is now four in the morning, and our good father is restless, unable to sleep, and just about beginning to doze off. (BM X, 138)

1886: Gold Medal for Don Bosco

Father Albera and Father Barberis were delegated by Don Bosco to receive the gold medal conferred on him by the “Cercle Geographique” of Lyons. This medal was conferred on the saint in appreciation of the conference given by him on Patagonia on 14 April 1883.(cfr. XVIII, 32) 

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