December 17

1859: Avoid stealing

During the novena of Christmas Don Bosco reminded his boys that stealing was the most dishonorable of vices. “The least thing belonging to others can bar you from there (heaven). If one were to die with but one stolen needle on his conscience, it would be enough to keep him out of paradise…Merely confessing a sin of theft will not obtain forgiveness until one has restored the ill-gotten goods, if the matter isg rave and he can make restitution…And remember, many small things can little by little become a grave matter; a few coins today, a necktie tomorrow; a book, a writing tablet or some other thing can in a short time build up a serious account at God’s tribunal.” (BM VI, 196)

1887: Love for boys

Don Bosco was on his death bed. He told cleric Festa, his secretary to let the pupils of the Oratory to come to him for confession. He said, “This is the last time I can give them this help!” Thus Don Bosco heard the confession of some 30 boys of the upper classes. (cfr. MB XVIII, 480)

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