December 14

1864: Our Lady sweeps the house

During the “Good Night” Don Bosco spoke as follows: I have bad news for you tonight, my dear children. You already know, but it bears repeating, that during the important novena some boys return home. They are not expelled. They leave of their own accord; to he more exact, the Madonna Herself rids us of them…The sad thing about it is that they felt they had to go, that they could no longer stay with us became they had offended good morals. As long as they live, they will never forget why they left the Oratory…they will feel on their souls the heavy weight of their only possible answer: “I left because I committed the most shameful of sins!”… How frightfully God punishes those who violate purity!…My dear sons, help each other to cultivate the lovely virtue of purity. Resolve among yourselves never to do, say, or look at the least thing which may taint this charming virtue. (BM VII, 495)

1866: Predictions of death vindicated

FatherJohn Boggerowasa salesian for five years. He left the congregation with the pretext of helping the family. Don Bosco had warned him that he would not of be of much help to his family and that he would die a sudden death. In fact, he died on 14th December. A few days after the prediction a detective called on Don Bosco and advised him not to speak of death to boys. However, Don Bosco confided the name of John Boggero to the detective. Some time later he came to the Oratory and on hearing of Fr. John Boggero’s death… The detective stood pensive a moment and then asked: “Where can I find Don Bosco?” “In his room.” “Thanks!” Up he went at once. 19/11 “Father,” he blurted, “say what you wish to your boys. You have every right to do so. From now on I’ll know what to say if anyone complains about your predictions.” (BM VIII, 244ff and No 1009)

1875: Salesians in Argentina

Exactly a month after they left Europe (14 November) they reached Argentina (14 December). Father Peter Ceccarelli quickly climbed aboard the ship to welcome the missionaries. Their mutual eagerness to get personally acquainted gave vent to the greatest cordiality. He escorted them to the pier where two hundred Italians, several of them former Oratory pupils, eagerly awaited them. …When they reached temporary residence, they were delightfully surprised to find Archbishop Frederick Aneyros waiting to welcome them. The worthy prelate greeted them very warmly, embraced them all, and then, sitting in their midst, asked them about Don Bosco and a thousand other things…He repeatedly declared that he envied dioceses which had Salesian houses, and he heartily thanked God for having given him such a blessing. Soon the superiors of all religious communities respectfully and warmly hastened to call on the newly arrived missionaries, while the city’s parish priests vied with them in offering their support. (BM XII, 75-76) 

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