December 13

1875: The Precious Pearl (religious vocation)

In a conference to novices, Don Bosco spoke of vocation comparing it with the precious pearl of the Gospel (when he finds a single pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it. Mt, 13, 14.) (cfr. BM XI, 476ff)

1878: Two out of Three

In a dream Don Bosco saw in a basket three baby doves. They flew off, but were shot at by someone standing near Don Bosco. Two fell down and one escaped. Someone touched the saint and said: “Do You understand this? Two out of three. Tell that to Father Barberis.” Don Bosco’s conclusion was: “The basket with many baby doves represents the Oratory. The number of those in the basket, that is, in the Oratory who become clerics is two out of every three. Have no illusion about this: all are good prospects, but as the result of illness, death, family influence, or loss of vocation, there are always defections, so that two-thirds reaching the priesthood is a good percentage.” (BM MIL 628)

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